Past Events

Christmas Parade

Iwasawa Oriental Art continued its 30th anniversary celebrating by participating in the 2012 Los Gatos Christmas Parade on Saturday December 1st, 11AM- 1PM. The route is on Santa Cruz Avenue to Main Street. After the parade, we hosted an open house from 2PM to 5PM at our gallery (75 University Ave.) with Sake-nog. Learn more about Sake-nog.


Iwasawa Oriental Art
30th Anniversary Celebration
November 1, 2012
5:00 p.m.

Iwasawa Oriental Arts 30th Anniversary InvitationIwasawa Oriental Arts is pleased to present a digital publication on Japanese lacquered arts centered on the tradition of 写 utsushi and an exhibition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the gallery. This project embodies the strong motivation to present the true nature of creativity within tradition, which is deeply embedded in Japanese culture. The digital publication will utilize the latest technology in digital media and serve as a vehicle to educate a wider audience on the importance and soul of utsushi.

This event featured catering from Manresa Restaurant. Manresa is the showcase for the inventive cuisine of Chef-Proprietor David Kinch. Chef Kinch and the Manresa team find inspiration from European traditions and refinement, American ingenuity and the vast bounty that California has to offer.