What is iJaponesque?

iJaponesque is a way of revealing the nature of creativity within tradition, the soul of Japanese aesthetics. iJaponesque is part of the Iwasawa Oriental Art Gallery’s effort to celebrate their 30th anniversary. As part of this celebration, the Gallery is taking a new direction in presenting traditional art and culture in a new way that appeals to all generations.

Why iJaponesque?

“Virtual reality” is needed to introduce to the world contemporary Japanese artists who have used tradition as their foundation to create unique and striking works that enrich our souls. iJaponesque is the place to find resources and pieces that both retain the heart of Japanese aesthetics and also appeal to the modern lifestyle. Whether it is finding that perfect piece of art or finding the best in Japanese cuisine, iJaponesque is the way to experience both the innovative and traditional elements of Japanese culture.


The mission of iJaponesque is to bring attention to modern art from Japanese and local artists. We are proud to present the works of wonderful artists below. Please take a look at their pages and learn more about them.

Artists Portfolio

“Iwasawa Oriental Art has been in business in Los Gatos for over thirty years, introducing Japanese Art and Culture to a broad audience. In addition to showing traditional art objects, Iwasawa Oriental Art presents numerous exhibits and programs that introduce many aspects of Japanese culture — such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, lacquer wares, and food — to its community. As one of the most innovative galleries in Silicon Valley, Iwasawa Oriental Art is now engaged in combining traditional arts with modern and contemporary art, to demonstrate the appeal of modern aesthetics in Japanese arts.”
Emily Sano, Director Emerita, Asian Art Museum San Francisco

“Kumiko Iwasawa and her extraordinary gallery in Los Gatos have been a refuge and inspiration for me in many ways. I am humbled by her dedication to quality and beauty on such a high scale and am proud to have used her pieces at Manresa Restaurant and as meaningful contributions in our own published works. The spirit of Iwasawa Oriental Arts truly is an oasis in the frenetic nature of our modern lives.”

David Kinch, Chef-Proprietor, Manresa Restaurant in Los Gatos