Gregory Burns is an internationally renowned fine artist, world-class athlete and motivational speaker. Since 1980, Gregory has painted across 60 countries with solo painting exhibitions in 15 of them. He received the prestigious 2016 Sports Artist of the Year Award and a commission from the International Olympic Foundation to create paintings for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Known for winning gold medals and setting world records in swimming at three Paralympic Games, he then transitioned into IronMan events, inspiring many with his discipline and perseverance.

Gregory was born in America, attended schools in Europe for a decade, and has worked throughout Asia for over 30 years. He has built a reputation as a peak performance athlete and artist working with high-level audiences on topics related to the mind, body and creativity. He holds a BA in Communication Studies from the University of California and a Masters in Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Gregory has published three books in English and Mandarin and has been featured on CNN, BBC, CNBC, ESPN, CNA, CCTV, The AWSJ, Time Magazine and The China Daily. He is currently a member of the Olympic Education Committee.

Selected Exhibitions: J.F. Kennedy Center- USA, Today Art Museum- China, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall- Taiwan, Euphrat Museum of Art- USA.

Selected Collections: Olympic Museum- Switzerland, Mingei International Museum- USA, Rias Museum of Art- Japan.

A Painted Journey:
Athlete and artist Gregory Burns travels the world painting scenes promoting worldwide cultural awareness and diversity.

Gregory Burns is a dedicated artist whose inspirational life has been filled with achievements which, as he acknowledges in his book, Painted Journey are often surprising even to himself:
Though stumbling, I move forward, arriving in places I could never have imagined before starting out.  I’m still getting used to this after 30 years of stubbing toes and wasting paint.”
Sports Meets Art & Culture

Commemorating the history and enduring cultural impact of the Olympic Movement on the world, the Olympic Agora served as a hub for the cultivation, exploration and promotion of the Olympic values. Gregory Burns is an internationally acclaimed speaker, athlete and artist. Gregory competed in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Paralympic Games as a member of the USA Disabled Swim Team, capturing numerous medals while breaking five world records.

“I would like to thank you for your collaboration on the ‘Olympic Agora’ Tokyo 2020. Your works were a true testimony to the Olympic values and a shining example of how art and sport can come together.”
-Frédérique Jamolli
Head of International Cultural Affairs
Olympic Foundation for Culture & Heritage

Step by Step

Galvanized by their physical disabilities, Paul and Greg complete a high altitude trek in the Himalayas, growing their friendship along the way and leaving with new knowledge and strength. Presented by Johnnie Walker

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