“Pictures have a double reality-objects in their own right and representing quite different objects in a different space and time.”
– Richard Gregory, British psychologist


Before painting, Starr seeks her spiritual connection to the universal Mind. Then she begins by pouring ink on rice paper. With joy she watches it move to form a shape. Adding more ink creates amazing color harmonies and shape relationships.

Though the art is abstract, the result has a natural connection to nature. The concentric lines suggest both the microcosmic to cosmic, like growth lines of a mussel shell, or water ripples, or galaxies.

For over 60 years, Starr has been an active artist living with her family in the Saratoga area. Her background includes teaching art classes and writing a book, Tongues and Totems for the Alaska International Art Institute in Anchorage. Her other interests are travels near water, tending and arranging flowers, and studying Nihonga.

The Art of Starr Davis

An awe of nature inspires my work.
I strive for the spirit and beauty of the universe.
On rice paper, ink flows organically; colors are enriched naturally.

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